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J-Rocks _Kau Curi Lagi

Song Title.............: Kau Curi lagi
Artist ......................: J Rocks
Guitar Chord By..: Mr. Chord
Source...................: Http://full-lyrics.blogspot.com

All lyrics and guitar chord shared by Mr. Chord just to help people who want to learn guitar with lyric and guitar chord. Do not copy this lyrics and chord for other reason without author's permission
on this blog you can find lyric and chord indonesian song and western song. To see the chord, just click guitar chord on the sidebar. you will see guitar chord that used on this song. Let's play the guitar and sing the chord. Music everyday, everywhere. I hope you enjoy with this lyric and chord. Maybe this chord is not perfect especially chord for western song coz i just still learn guitar. The difference is indonesian song is more simple than western song. and western song use much sound effect and the chord variation is more complex. but some indonesian band like dewa, made nice song that used much chord variation. I think band like Dewa should go international so indonesian band can participate on international music, and it will motivate other band to follow their success and music indonesian will famous on international music

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